Our professional music designers / emcees are much more than your average "DJ". Take your event to the next level with our experienced performers! Whether outgoing and talkative or relaxed and subtle, there is a member of our staff that will be just right for your special day. The pictures and biographies below will introduce you to our most popular performers. For additional options and personal assistance, please feel free to contact one of our event consultants.


Luckey was given his first turntable at a young age. He has had a passion for dance music ever since. His journey has taken him from the clubs of Seattle to the local dance parties of Hawaii. Luckey seizes every opportunity to perform events from intimate weddings to huge festivals. Luckey is most fond of "music with soul" though he can accommodate a wide range of tastes from Motown and Disco to '90s and current Top 40. He also has a deep, radio style voice which makes him an excellent emcee. Luckey loves being able to bring an atmosphere of class, warmth and excitement to the events he performs.


Maka is an impressive entertainer. Being an accomplished Hawaiian musician, she is very experienced at performing for all types of crowds. Maka was born and raised in the islands so she has a very deep respect for and knowledge of Polynesian culture. She brings a wonderful spirit of aloha to the events she performs. Her personality is a perfect mix of enthusiasm and island vibe. Maka has a clear and professional emcee style with a hint of local flair. Her music knowledge is extensive ranging from Hawaiian and Reggae to Hip-Hop and Club / House. She looks forward to being a part of your special occasion.


Ola has dedicated his life to music. He is the lead guitarist for the well known Rock and Reggae band The Throwdowns. He also owns a successful recording studio. Ola was born and raised on the Big Island. This comes through in his relaxed emcee style and knowledge of local music. He spent several years living and touring throughout the mainland. This gave him a appreciation of many styles of music including Alternative, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie and Old School. Ola's main goal is to get people to dance and enjoy themselves. He brings a great energy to his performances which has made him a client favorite.


David is the ultimate "people person". He joined our team with extensive emcee and entertainment experience gained from years of working in the theatre, multimedia production and live music industries on the mainland. He has now returned home to his beloved Big Island to share all that he has learned. David is a true powerhouse performer who puts lots of energy into creating a perfect party experience. He motivates with his custom music mixes as well as his confident emcee style. David is a fan of virtually every style of music and really enjoys the diversity that comes with performing weddings and special events.


Kekoa is a competent entertainer. He worked for 15 years at the Polynesian Culture Center on Oahu. He had many opportunities to emcee and play live music for locals and tourists alike. A few years ago, Kekoa and his family moved permanently to Kona. We feel fortunate to have his talent as part of our company. When he performs events, his emcee style is smooth and laid back yet interactive. He can also make announcements in Japanese. Kekoa enjoys playing all types of music from Oldies, Motown / Soul and Blues to Top 40, Hip-Hop and EDM. He loves taking requests and making all the party guests feel welcome.


Music has been the center of Pete's life for as long as he can remember. He spent years performing and traveling with a professional break dancing and hip-hop crew. He also has extensive experience as a stage manger and technician. A few years back, Pete traded in the fast paced life of touring for the easy going vibe of Hawaii and has never looked back. He brings a confident attitude to the events he performs. Pete comes across as mild mannered. However, his emcee styles hints at his more outgoing side. Pete's greatest joy is to see wedding or party guests reacting to the uplifting, musical mood he is creating.


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